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Free diving – is one breath enough

Freediving or breath-hold diving is a kind of diving where you dive with no breathing apparatus but just with the breath you take before going under the water. Freediving dates back very far. In ancient times freediving was the only method for diving except of the occasional use of breathing bladders out of reeds and leather. The sport is also used in competitions. There are two world associations who governed freediving: AIDA International and the CMAS (Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques). All of the disciplines can be done by men and women and CMAS sepeates the disciplines in fresh of the in the sea. There are currently eleven disciplines in which you can compete in freediving where you need to descent to the ground and ascent back up to the surface in just one breath. You swim next to a dive line which you’re only allowed to touch when you reach the bottom to help you ascent again. The constant weight means that you’re not allowed to wear a weight belt or to change your actual weight with anything else so you must fight aginst your buoyancy.
You can train freediving in the University of Miami where they have a freediving class with Claire Paris as the professor she is also a freediver and she came up with the idea of the class. Also the class is the first of its kind at the university. One training example is the apnea walk where the learners do a preparation and then typically a one minute breath hold after that the students walk as long as they can without breathing. Some athletes can walk almost 400 meters without breathing.
The human body is adapting when you hold your breath for example it is dropping the heart rate which is significant when you want to hold your breath longer. Your body also cools down especially the brain just like diving birds and seals. It shows that the brain loses 1°C in one minute.
There are also some risks like not hearing to the warning signals your body gives you and it can cause a blackout under water and you can drown.
So overall freediving is a very interesting sport but it also comes with some risks like every other sport

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