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Stand-up-paddling a relaxing sport

Stand-up-paddling has developed in the last few years into a true water sports. What once began as a leisure activity for water sports lover has grown into an independent sport. Whether on lakes, rivers or in the ocean stand-up-paddling attracts a steadily growing number of people every year. The origin of stand-up-paddling is in Ku Hoe He’e Nalu in Hawaii.
Stand-up-paddling is something for everybody, whether you are looking for relaxing, train or just want to have fun. Stand-up-paddling can with yoga or fitness exercises. These trends have led to stand-up-paddling becoming a popular activity for fitness enthusiasts.
The equipment for stand-up-paddling is a specially board designed for this purpose and to move away with the help of a paddle. You can glide over the water, enjoy nature and train your body at the same time. It is for beginners and experienced athletes and can be practised on a wide variety of waters.
The popularity of stand-up-paddling continues to grow regularly. It is a sport that appeals to people of all ages and fitness levels. The combination of fun, fitness, nature experience and environmental awareness makes stand-up-paddling a unique activity

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