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The further development of cruise ships

Every year the number of people who go on vacation by cruise ship increases. In 2022 it reached a record number of 27.7 Million people. There is a significant difference to the year 2009 when 17.8 Million people decided to spent their holiday this way. Most of them happened to be Americans, followed by Germans and Brazilians. 40% of the 404 cruise ships go to the Caribbean. The biggest cruise company is fittingly named “Royal Caribbean” and the whole cruising industry makes a yearly turnover of 1.5 Billion US Dollars.
An average cruise ship produces 100.000 times as much emissions as a car per day.
To keep the power on the ship going, while being in the port the engines are kept running. To prevent this and preserve the environment some cities built up shore power generators. These are huge power-outlets that the ships can connect with. Apparently they ejaculate 95% less Emissions and 30% less CO2 with this new invention. But they are not as common as they could be because they are very expensive in production and the cruise companies would have to rebuild their ships and only a few cities have a port with the necessary remodelling. Additionally the harbours demand a charge for using the shore power generators that is about four times as high as the price for the gasoline that is burnt while the engines are running. So it is not very profitable for the companies but the environment and the natural resources would be thankful.

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