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The Jellyfish-Bot the new cleaner of the ocean

70% of the pollution in the oceans is sinking to the ground, more than 60% of it are synthetic material which needs hundreds of years for decomposing. For special ecosystems like coral reefs you need special equipment to fight against the pollution.
The Max-Planck-Institution for intelligent systems (MPI-IS) has created a new roboter to catch the trash without direct contact. The inspiration is from the moon jellyfish which has a diameter of 16 centimeters the same size as the Jellyfish roboter.
The Jellyfish-Bot is very quiet and small so that it can easily navigate through coral reefs and sensitive ecosystems. When a Jellyfish-Bot is rising up it is creating currents and attracts pollution. Like that the pollution is rising to the surface of the ocean where it later gets recycled.
The Jellyfish-Bot can also collect samples like fish eggs.
The Bot has no negative consequence on the environment or the other animals in the sea. Also the Bot is faster than any equal invention and only requires a small amount of electricity.
Two Bots can work together like a team to collect bigger objects from the ground.

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