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The Ocean Cleanup Project: Effiecient but at what cost?

The Ocean Cleanup project which was created by a 29 year old dutch named Boyan Slat is a project to fish out most of our todays plastic in the ocean. The Project is financed by many different people and organisations like private donaters, sponsorships and even the dutch goverment aswell as the Volvo Ocean Race.
The Project has made major progress since its beginning in 2013. In 2018 they launched their first System named System 001, which was send into the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to capture Plastic. At first it was a causing a lot of trouble and hat to be reseted a few times aswell as getting some modifications. Since then it has succesfully captured and removed plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and does its best to make the Ocean a better place.
Eventhough its such a great project some still doubt the effieciency and are worried of the risks, these project may contain. Some experts say the money and ressources spent for this project might be better invested in preventing organisations or new kind of inventions that might stop the plastic from entering the Ocean.
There are also some risks for the Ocean wildlife if the machine has a malfunctions or an accident. Many people are worried that it could harm Ocean wildlife. For example the system uses large floating barriers which could not also capture plastic but also fish and other animals. But you still have to remember that this is a very young and new project and the Ocean Cleanup Team is continuosly working on its system to improve the effiecinecy and remove possible risks.
The Ocean Cleanup Project is step towards our oceans being plastic free enviroments but we still have to set our focus to protecting our Ocean wildlife by preventing plastic from getting into the Sea. We just need to set a focus on the root of our problem. The Ocean Cleanup is also raising awareness abput the importance that we as individual but also the big companies should massivly reduce our plastic consumption and shouldnt rely just on the project on its own.
In Conclusion the Ocean Cleanup Project has made a significant progress in removing plastic from the pcean but there are still some big challenges we need to deal with. Its big step in the right directions but we are still far away from our goal. Thats why we should all work together to pretect our oceans for our future generations

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