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Connecting Seas and Shaping History: Celebrating the 125th Anniversary of the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Kanal

The ,,Kaiser-Wilhelm-Kanal" was opened in June 1895 with a maritime party. The canal, which runs from Brunsbüttel to Kiel, cost more than 1.7 million Reichsmarks. The new canal was 98 kilometers long and 67 meters wide. During the construction period, which lasted only 8 years, around 6000 of the total of around 9000 workers were injured. 60 died. Nevertheless, working conditions were more than good by comparison. The aim was to use the tax- funded canal as a trade route from the North Sea to the Baltic Sea. The construction of the canal was a big event for the company. For example, a "canal newspaper" was created. Between 1907 and 1914, the canal was expanded due to the next generation of ships.

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