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The Baltic Sea Anomaly

In the summer of 2011 a ship of ocean x, a swedish maritime expedition company, had a mysterious zonar contact in the baltic ocean located between Sweden and Finland. First they couldn ́t disvover what it was. To poor weather conditions there was arough sea which made it extra hard to disvover the origin of this signal. They put the ROV deeper into the sea but the visibility was poor aswell. After some time they could see an outline of something on a sandy seabed. But then just after they could see it the video went black and other systems failed aswell. The whole team was still unsure what or whose outline this was. They guessed it was about 200 feet big.
One year later the team returned better equipped to the same place. After they tried again the systems failed myteriously again. Divers, who were sent down, found perfectly circular holes in the surface which couldn ́t be created by natural phenomenas. Also they found imprints on the ground which looked like steps. The divers found unnaturally shaped items, perfectly carved rectangular blocks and stone monoliths aswell. Also they discovered tunnels beneath them. It all looked like a long lost civilisation or the structure of a downed UFO. The real origin was never discovered.

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