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Algae infestation

In the last few years the number of algae increased a lot. The main reason for this is the climate change.
By the time the average temperature got higher and the algae became more, especially heatwaves support the growth of algae. But the algae don ́t only need the heat they also require an above- average active soil. Mainly phosphate and nitrate are important which can be found in waste of agriculture and affluent.
An American environment organization found out, that in two out of three bodies of inland water the number of algae increased in the last 30 years.
At the time this article is written blue-green alga is the species that was found very often by scientists. These are very bad for humans health so everyone who wants to swim outside should stay informed.
Another negative aspect is that algae take a lot oxygen of the water which means that there is not enough left. The problem with that is that there can not grow any plants without oxygen and the animals can not breathe and die. That is why the Baltic Sea is called ”dead zone”.
But there are also some positive facets about algae. Firstly scientists found out that algae can absorb CO2 and convert it into oxygen so they can help to prevent the continue of climate change. It is also called the second “green lunge”. Furthermore the algae offer the habitat of many different animals.

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