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Our goals to save the ocean

We all know that our oceans have been massively affected by the climate change. The water level is slowly increasing and there isn’t anything that we can do to stop it, right? It’s one of the biggest problems our world has right now and yet, many people don’t really understand that if we don’t act now, there are going to be even bigger consequences than we have now. To avoid the total escalation or at least keep it as small as possible, the United Nations made the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in 2015. Not just for the climate bus for all kinds of problems in the world so that in 2030 we have achieved these goals. All in all there are 17 points on the list. Of course, I’m not going to tell you all of them. Today we are going to concentrate on the 14th point: Living under water

There are eight main goals that we need to accomplish according to the SDG. The pollution of the sea by plastic and other kinds of trash has to be stopped. Healthy and biodiverse coastal ecosystems are supposed to be more protected and reconstructed . The acidification of the oceans has to be reduced. Also the fish population should be more protected by stricter rules for fishing. A minimum of 10 % of the ocean is going to be a nature reserve. Little Islands and countries are supposed to be able to get more out of sustainable resources. The last goal is that the scientific research is supposed to be “deepened”. For that they want to give scientists and explorers more resources.

The big question is of course, how we are supposed to do that in those 15 years.
It is pretty easy actually: Stop throwing your trash into the ocean. One truck full of plastic is thrown into the ocean per minute because many people are too lazy to just walk to the next trash can. The plastic pollution in the water is one of the biggest problems that people cause daily. Many animals and ocean reefs are killed because of those tons of plastic that get thrown into the ocean.The SDG is supposed to help solve problems like that through sending a goal for what we want to accomplish to save our oceans and our world.

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