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Arctic and Antarctic – These are the differences

This article is about how the polar regions differ from each other that is declared concisely next in the main body of these article.

In polar regions plenty of climate conditions like extreme cold weather, ice and the long darkness of the polar nights make it more difficult for animals and plants to grow and survive. The Antarctic in the south is consisting of a large own continent and it is completely surrounded by the south polar sea. In comparing to the Antarctic the arctic is not an own continent and here the fact is that the land masses of three different continents comprise an ocean that is located in the centre, the Arctic ocean. The only ice sheet in the Arctic belongs to large parts of Greenland. The ice sheet in the Antarctic is way bigger and covers approximately 98% of the whole continent. Also the temperatures are different. In summer the temperature at the northern polar region get up to 0°C, at the southern polar region they reach around -28°C in summer. In winter the temperatures reach around -40°C in the Arctic and -60°C in the Antarctic. So in the Antarctic the temperatures can decrease way more than in the Arctic which is because the Antarctic glaciers are more than 3000 metres above the sea level and the Arctic ice sheet that covers the arctic ocean only has a thickness of a few metres. In the Arctic there also live people, around 4 million inhabitants, but in the Antarctic there is no permanent number of inhabitants, there are only a few scientists working in different research bases and when there is a polar night in the arctic there is a polar day in the Antarctic and the other way around. Also the animals that live in the polar regions differ from each other. In the arctic there live animals like polar bears, walruses, reindeers, arctic foxes, musk oxes, arctic hares, rare seabirds and a lot of different types of whales like humpback whales and bowhead whales in the ocean. In comparing to the Arctic in the Antarctic there live penguins, seals, elephant seals, plenty of rare seabirds too and water animals like giant squids and jellyfishes. These are the most essential differences between the northern polar region and the southern polar region.

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