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Overfishing ravages North and Baltic Seas, imperiling vital fish stocks

Fishing is a big business in the North and the Baltic Sea. Both seas are in the north of Germany and they are only connected by the Kiel Canal but they share a common problem: overfishing. The fishing business is a great business in both of the seas but it has become too great for the seas to bear it. In the North and the Baltic seas more fishes are being caught than they can reproduce themselves.

The North Sea
Data of 2020 show that of 28 of the fish stocks which provide Date only 4 were not overfished. Most endangered are the cods and the herrings.
Since the 60s the cods have been overfished. In the 80s the fishing have had a breakdown of fishing cods which still affects the fishing business now because the cods still have not fully recovered yet. Although the cod has not recovered yet it is still being fished.
Not only the cods but also the herring are overfished. Every year the herrings wander from the Baltic Sea to the North Sea to eat and during this period they are being fished in large amounts.

The Baltic Sea
The Baltic Sea also suffers because of overfishing and like in the North Sea cods are the endangered fishes.
For decades the cods have been overfished like in the north sea. They cannot recover because in the Baltic Sea the seabed is damaged by trawls of the fisherboats. The living habitats of the fishes are being destroyed.

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