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Plastic Pollution Threatens Our Oceans: Time for Action

Plastic pollution is a serious problem harming our oceans and its wildlife. To get a better understanding of this topic we need the know. who and which countries pollute the most, how much plastic gets in our ocean every year, what the impact on our life is, how we can prevent plastic from entering the ocean, how to clean up our ocean and ways to improve for our future

The main responsibles are China, India , Indonesia, the Phillippines and Malaysia who are among the biggest contributors of ocean plastic pollution. These countries should change something and take responsibility to their own actions. These 5 Countries pollute the ocean with 683 metric tons of plastic every year. For comparision the rest of the world „only“ pollutes the ocean with 329 metric tons of plastic. Therefore these 5 Countries are responsible for 65% of every years plastic pollution and they should definitly rely on a more sustainable way to reduce their waste. But how?

To stop plastic pollution we should use more sustainable alternatives for our everyday life and the goverment and industries should promote and produce more eco-friendly materials. We should recycle more and improve our waste managment. There should aslo be projects at schools and colleges to educate younger people on how to live more sustainable and motivate them to make new innovations on more eco friendly materials and ways to get rid of platic. A perfect example for that is the Ocean Clean up Project.

But why is plastic so bad for us and our marine life?
Plastic pullotion harms our marine wildlfie and disturbs their habitat. Sharp plastic pieces could result in injuries and death of many kinds of animals. More deadly is the microplastic they eat, which can lead to starvation and can also enter the human food chain if eaten by us. The plastic and the chemicals can also poison our water, get in our food chain and harm us as well.

For building a more sustainable future we should as said previously educate younger people on this topic, support clean up projects and inventions to stop plastic from entering our ocean and strive for change. We should also sanction countries with a high percentage of plastic pollution and make new laws as well as promoting recycling and searching for alternatives to plastic.

Plastic pollution is a global crisis we all have to fight against. By adressing the main polluters, preventing pollution and understanding how big of a problem that is we can definitly change the future for our best and save ourself and our ocean wildlife from plastic pollution

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