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Tackling the growing threat of underwater noise pollution

Noise pollution is a serious problem for all creatures. More and more animals have to leave their territory because of loud noises under water.The noises distribute animals like whales, seals, fishes, crabs, cnidarians, like jellyfishes, and shells out of their comfort homes.

In the last 50 years the, noise from ships has increased by 32 times and the noise level has increased by 75 %.. More effective propellers could prevent this. This also would be environmentally friendly because it saves fuel. A disadvantage is that the propellers are not cheap and rarely obligated, but in Vancouver ships with these specially propellers only have to pay half the port rent.

Another big point is the raw material search where airguns shoot strong vibrations to the seabed. Over days, weeks, months every ten seconds a shot is shot by the airguns. With every shot all larvae with a radius of 1 km die. This process is as loud as a rocket start. A solution would be Marine Vibroseis which is like a constant hum. With this device only 10 % of the sea inhabitants would be influenced. A second advantage would be that this device also could be used in shallow waters.

When wind parks are built you have to ram the windmills into the seabed and this creates a lots noises, as loud as a plane. Bubble curtains around the windmills could prevent this.

Military activities are the next biggest noise generators in all oceans. To track submarines the military uses high power sonars which sound pules are very loud. If they meet a submarine a loud echo gets reflected back. The use of active sonar systems has been shown to result in numerous whale strandings in recent decades. Explosions which get caused by of military activities create strong noises.

International efforts for the protection of the animals are not present, but the EU have set noise abatement as a clear goal. The best possibility to reduce the noises is to work together internationally.

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