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Whales: Facing the death

Whales are one of the animals who are really effected by noise pollution. The hearing is even
more important than seeing. The communication, or orientation and hunting are particularly
important for the whales. Normally they can hear up to 250 m, when an especially loud sound
wave hits, whales can hear 90% less wide than before (25 m). The noise pollution makes it
extremely difficult for whales to hear each other. Scientists believe that whales confuse the
noises with their enemies, so they flee and may be even get stranded. If there is noise at their
eating place whales eat less or nothing and may die of starvation. Female whales are even
more restricted than male whales especially if they around with their children but also in
general, do the communication gets disturbed. Often whales suffer internal injuries, which also
effect the communication and orientation. Descendants are born less over the years and
many species are endangered. Sometimes whales feel even to effected in coming to the

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