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A shark is no shark without its fins

Hi, my name is Paul and in this story I’m going to tell you about how I first found out that not all people always do the right thing.
It was a day in the summer holidays. We (that’s my mum, my dad and me) went on a trip to New Zealand for the summer and this far it had been the best vacation ever! I could eat ice cream whenever I wanted and we were at the beach all day, laying in the sun and just relaxing. Anyway, it was the third day of our trip and I had just eaten ice cream when my Dad suggested that we should go for a walk along the beach. After a few minutes of walking I saw a group of people, standing in a circle and looking at something laying in its middle. That was when I noticed the other tourists that were making photos and gesturing at the group or the thing that lay inside of it from a few metres away, as if they were afraid of something. It all made me curious and I wanted to tell my dad that we should go look but he was just talking about something else and wouldn’t listen to me. Obviously I had to go, so I just started running towards the crowd, leaving my confused dad behind.
My legs hurt when I finally reached the growing crowd and I had to squeeze me through the people until I could finally see what they’d all been looking at. I was confused. There in the sand was laying something that looked like a kind of worm. I heard a women say “I think that’s a shark”.
Another man said: “ What? A shark? No, that’s not a shark. It has no fins. There are no sharks without fins. It’s impossible.” Again, I looked at the thing laying there in the sand. It was dead, that I understood. I also noticed big wounds at its side and I tried to imagine what it would look like if I put little fins to where the wounds were placed. Yes, now it looked more like a shark. But that made no sense. Why would someone cut off the fins of a shark? It’s just like the man said: A shark was not a real shark without its fins. I jumped when two strong hands grabbed me by my shoulders and carried me away from the crowd. My heart started pouting. Was I being kidnapped? Then a deep and calm voice said:” Don’t worry kid, I just don’t think that you should have to look at that any longer.” He seemed like a nice guy, so I decided that he wasn’t trying to kidnap me. “Who are you?” I asked him. “ My name is Graham”, he said,”and what is your name?”. “My name is Paul”, I answered him. “Do you know what happened to that shark?”, I said. “Nothing good, that I can tell you.”
“What is that supposed to mean?”
“You really want to know? Its not a happy story, kid.”, he said it with a strange tone which just made me more curios.
“Have you ever heard the word “finning”?”
“No”, I answered him.
“Okay, I’m going to explain it to you. Sometimes, when a shark is caught in a fishing net, the fisher decides to just cut all of its fins of and than throw it back into the ocean. That is called finning. Sadly, it doesn’t just happen to sharks that get caught up in the net. There are many people who catch sharks just for the finning. During this procedures the shark is alive. They throw its body back in the water because they need the space on their ship.”
“But the sharks need they fins to swim don’t they? How are they supposed to live after that?”
“They aren’t. The sharks sink to the ground and die of suffocation.”
“That’s horrible. What do they need the fins for?”
“Food. The fins have no taste but they are used for the famous shark fin soup. In many countries its a sign of wealth and power to eat a sharks fins because they are called evil predators which are hard to capture but that's not the truth. The shark population is dying because, with time more and more people have the money to eat the fins even though they are more valuable than silver!”
“So the people kill and torture the sharks just so that they can eat something that doesn’t even has a taste?”
“That’s what I’m telling you.”
“The poor shark”, I said. I just couldn’t believe that people would kill such a cool and majestic animal for their pleasure. That was the day I decided to never eat a shark fin soup. There's nothing better in this world than Ice Cream anyway and for that no animal has to die.

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