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Deep-Sea Fishing – Should it be illegal?

We have been doing Deep-Sea Fishing since the end of World War II, where humanity only fished as deep as a roughly 600 meters, but what even counts as Deep-Sea Fishing? And more importantly, why did over 20 countries ban it?

Deep-Sea Fishing is fishing in between the depths of 200 and 2000 meters, typically having a net being used to catch the fish by scraping it over the bottom of the sea. This has a few problems, as the ecosystems in the Deep-Sea are unique, rare and take thousands of years to grow, which get destroyed by the net scraping the bottom of the sea. The inhabitants of the Deep-Sea get affected by this too, as they feed from the rare plants found there.

The fish in the Deep-Sea are also at risk due to the way they survive. due to the scarcely found food, the fish have to be strong to survive. This led to Deep-Sea fish using the so-called K-Strategy, K for capacity, which means that they lay way less eggs with the eggs designed to be better, so their children can survive against the other competitors. With them also only being sexually mature after a long time makes it even harder for the Deep-Sea fish to populate. After a few years of Deep-Sea Fishing in the 1960‘s, the Deep-Sea fish’s number was decreased drastically, almost causing the Deep-Sea to go extinct.

After a lot of years and Deep-Sea Fishing losing its popularity due to the cost being very high as the ships have to go very far out to get to the Deep-Sea, countries have started banning it to prevent the Deep-Sea from going extinct.
As of now over 20 countries have banned Deep-Sea Fishing.

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