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Future of fishfarming

Fish is still an essential for millions of people around the world as Food or as a source of income. In some countries fishing is no longer practiced, but there are still enough
countries that have fishing as their main occupation, as an example, China.
There are also research and breeding programs to develop fish strains with desirable traits like faster growth rates and disease resistance.
People who work as fish farmers are focusing on reducing environmental impacts and improving resource efficiency and on sustainability and meeting global seafood demand
while prioritizing environmental stewardship and animal welfare. Fishfarmer's also expect to grow to provide more sustainable food. The future of fish farming holds
enormous potential for sustainable aquaculture systems that address the challenges of a growing global population while minimizing environmental impact. Through advanced
monitoring, automation, integrated multi-trophic aquaculture, recirculating aquaculture systems, sustainable feeds, and offshore operations, fish farming will become more
efficient, environmentally friendly, and resilient. By embracing these innovations, we can tend towards a future where seafood production meets the increasing demand
without compromising the health of our oceans.

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