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Orcas in captivity

Since 1961 at least 166 Orcas are captured from their habitat. 131 of them are already dead. In their free range they can become 30 to 50 years old in average while in captivity they only become 10 to 45 years in average.
At least 174 Orcas already died in captivity. Not counted to that are still-born and miscarriages.
Whaling is illegal since 1986 but some countries still try to catch whales and also Orcas. Between 2012 and 2018 29 Orcas got captured in Russia. Fifteen of the captured Orcas were transported to China and two of them are in a dolpinarium in Moscow.
All the aquariums in the dolphinariums are too small for the Orcas, to get to their daily traveled distance in the wild they need to swim around the edge of the pool 1.400 times.
Orcas travel in families and teach their children how to hunt, so when just one of the older whales is captured the young ones are not going to learn how to hunt and need to figure that out their self. In dolphinariums Orcas get their food laid in their mouth. The fish is already dead Orcas wouldn’t eat dead fish in the wild. Between the shows the whales often swim bored and frustrated in their pool.
The Orca families all have different dialects and often can’t communicate with other families so when they get into their “new home” they can’t communicate with the other Orcas. Also are the pools very small and you can notice fights and aggression not a single Orca is found who has no scars.
So in conclusion you can say that capturing Orcas and other kinds of animals and hold them in a Zoo to let us enjoy their existence is not a good thing and you should not support dolphinariums and their owner.

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