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Endangering of the North Polar Region – How big is the problem and what could we do about it?

The Arctic Ocean and also the whole north polar region is severely affected by the climate change which causes a big endangering for in general the climate and weather and the animals for sure. This article is about how the climate change really endangers the North Polar Region.
Because of us humans, the climate change is immensely negatively affected. Because of vehicle emissions, industrialisation, garbage in the environment, deforestation, burning of fossil fuels, livestock breeding, open-pit mining, like coal mining that are all essential components for the climate change, the temperature on earth is increasing over a longer period of time, harmful substances, like greenhouse gases are released into the air and important natural habitats and ecosystems are destroyed for the plants and animals. But this climate change also has plenty of negative effects on the Polar Regions, especially the North Polar Region.
Firstly, because of immense greenhouse gas emissions the temperature on earth increased rapidly, especially the world ocean which collected approximately 93 percent of the additional heat which is created by the industrial emissions and by the emissions of vehicles. The conditions affect the Arctic more and earlier than the Antarctic. The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world on average because of processes in the ice, land, sea and atmosphere that are closely connected with each other and when one of those components changes it directly has an effect on the others and they amplify each other. This whole process is called “Arctic amplification” by scientists. Since 1979, more than 30 percent of the ice cover in the Arctic got lost, so that the ice is younger and more fragile today. The temperatures of the permafrost is warming constantly and it gets deeper in the ground and thaws large areas in the summer season. Another result is that when the ice melts more ships have the possibility to get nearer to the land for exploring. But the ships cause more waste gases for the environment which pollutes the air and soot particles are deposited on the ice which prevents the reflectivity which causes that the ice absorbs more heat of the sun, so that it melts faster as well.
Secondly, also plenty of animals in the North Polar Region are affected by the endangering of the climate change. Some types of animals are extinct yet or are endangered from extinction. The Polar Bear and the Arctic Fox are endangered the most from extinction. It is mainly becoming extinct because of the disappearing ice which destroys their territories. There are only around 200.000 Arctic Foxes left in the world and it will get less Arctic Foxes in the future. The probably most famous animal in the Arctic, the Polar Bear, is extremely endangered from becoming extinct as well. According to scientists, there are less than 26.000 Polar Bears left on earth. The ice is thawing away which causes that it is harder for the Polar Bears to hunt for their food resources, like seals as a main resource. In a few years it will probably be nearly impossible for them to get their food. A third animal which is endangered from extinction too is the Pacific Walrus that need pack ice to survive, just like the Polar Bears. The Pacific Walruses have the same problem, that the pack ice is melting away so that it is much harder for them to hunt for their prey and to care for their calves. There are only approximately 129.000 Pacific Walruses left in the world. Their are still way more species that are endangered from becoming extinct, like the Narwhal, the Musk Ox, the Arctic Peregrine Falcon, Orcas, Beluga Whales and types of Seals. That are still not all endangered species. Those are way too much species that are endangered from becoming extinct or that are extinct yet, so that they don’t exist any more. The reason why there is such an immense endangering is the humanity.

Next, there are a few things that we could do to prevent or slow down the climate change that affects especially the Polar Regions. The most essential thing that we should change is that we save our energy, like electricity and heat at home because the most of the energy is powered by coal, oil or gas which is harmful for the environment. Furthermore, we also should also walk or ride by bike more than driving with vehicles that cause greenhouse gas emissions. We should also waste less food and resources and we should buy more sustainable products. It also makes sense to switch to an electric car and to speak for other people, that they have a better focus on these essential things that we could do to save the environment from rapid climate change. Everybody should care about the climate change because otherwise it will still get worse.

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