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Unveiling the Arctic's Hidden Depths

When we think of the Arctic and we think of snowy mountains and it`s animals, but what`s going on under the all the snow and ice? Only one way to find out, it`s time to take a deep dive into the deep sea.

A lot of different type of animals live in the arctic ocean, but what is quite surprising is that most of those animals only go to the arctic to coul of.
Animals that aktually live in the arctic are Beluga whales, Bowhead whales and Narwhales. These three whales are made for the arctic, since they have no problem swimming in the minus 2 degree water. Narwhales have hornes on their nose to cut through ice with ease. The Bowhead whales movement patterns are influenced by the melting and freezing of ice.

Not only whales wrome the water, also seals enjoy to take a dive into the water. Seals that inhabite the arctic ocean are ribbon seals, bearded seals, ringed seals, spotted seals harp seaks and hooded seals.
Ribbon seals are usually dark grey with white ribbon like stripes. It can weight up too 320 pounds and can get to 6 feet long.
Bearded seals have long whiskers that give him the name Bearded seal. It can weight 450 pounds and can get to 9 feet long.
Hooded seals have a sort of crown on their head that kind of resembles a hood. It can weight up to 776 pounds and can get to 8,5 feet long.

A sad fact about all these animals, is that most of them are indangoured and might leave this planet for good if we keep on destroying the arctic.

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