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What the deep sea keeps from us

We know everything the world holds, right? What many people don’t realise is that we don’t know as much about the world as we’d like to think. Actually most parts of the deep sea and its habitants haven’t been discovered and its still a challenge for explorers to find ways to do so. Because of that many myths and storys about sea monsters like Loch Ness for example. In the following text I’m going to tell you about what really lies down there.

People first started to realise that there could be life in the deep sea when the explorer Sir John Ross pulled worms out of 2000m deep water in the year 1818. Then in the year 1860, a defect telegraph cable was pulled out of 2000m depth and with it little crabs and other animals. That was the final evidence : There really was life down there. But how? What kind of creatures could survive one of the deepest and darkest places on earth?

Not only is there no light but the pressure is also immense. The so called ,,Blob Fish” looks just like his name when you pull him of of the water. That is because the high pressure usually holds him together but when he is pulled out he kinda runs.
The next problem is the complete darkness that lies down there. To find a solution, nature had to get creative. Nearly 90% of the animals that live in the deep-sea can make their own light. They can attract their prey or even for maiting. The female ,,Frogfish” for example has its light hanging like a lamp before its head with which it can capture its victims. Because there isn’t much food down there which is why the animals have to save every bit of energy. When the food is rare they sometimes go into a sleeping phase that is several days long. Some also go into higher ocean levels to catch little fish.

It’s really hard to find out more about these creatures because at the surface they only survive a few hours and it’s also really expensive. Only submarines like Alvin can go deep enough to explore the secrets our earth holds. So in some way the myths and storys about the sea monsters aren’t so far away from the truth. There are still many creatures that we haven’t found and maybe some of them will always stay hidden.

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