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Offshore-windparks in europe

In Times of the climate change it is the most important to make the transition from fossil energy’s to climate neutral sources of energy. A big part of the plan to succeed are wind and since they are almost twice as effective on water as the ones on land, the county’s that are located at the sea all try to take advantage of that and build offshore windparks. Europe is the leading force in the building of offshore windparks ,alone in the year 2019 500 new offshore wind turbines with a total capacity of 3.620 MW. The total capacity in 2019 was 22.000MW. To put that in perspective, 1MW is enough to power around 4.000 households, that means with 22.000 MW you are able to power 88.000.000 households. In 2023 the states that are located at the north see agreed to sign a contract in wich they agree to work together to accomplish their goal of getting clima neutral

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