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Politics about the Ocean

The biggest problem of the ocean is the managing of the ocean
together, so it should be healthy and productive for the benefit of
our current generation and the net generations. The ocean is the
source of nutritious and healthy food and has an engine for
development. Oceans are under intense pressure of the humanity
because of the climate change, marine pollution or illegal activities.
By the expected population of 9-10 billion people by 2050 the
pressure will not lower. It will get a global competition of raw
materials, water, food or space. The government of Europe, 2022
has announced, that the planet will be a “blue planet” in the future.
The government didn’t want to get the planet have the negativity’s
of the climate change or dangerous declines of biodiversity. It also
takes into consideration changed geopolitical conditions such as the
Russian aggression against Ukraine, which has brought about
instability and insecurity. The communication specifies several
actions like safe, clean, heath and manage the ocean or the planet.
So the government of Europe will not stop to protect the ocean and
the planet and will discuss with many other countries.

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