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Is there a gold mine in the depths of the ocean?


April 2023

Manganese nodules contain valuble metals such as copper, nickel, cobalt and also contain manganese. Even though it would have an economic advantage, the extraction of the nodules is highly controversial because it could have an ecological impact. But how should the explotaion of these resources proced?
Deutsche Welle, for example, reports that demand for the valuable metals in the tubers has risen sharply in recent years. Since electriccars need cobalt there is also a high demand. But so far there are only a handful of companies involed in the mining of manganese nodules. This can be explained on the one hand by the fact that the yield from manganese nodules is technically very demanding and also involves high costs. Nevertheles, the company DeepGreen, for example, participates in the extraction of the nodules in the deep sea off Papua New Guinea. This company does not rely on pure profit as others do, but works with robots that then retrieve the tubers from the seabed. Now you can only wait and drink tea, as this all still develops in the next few years.

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