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Protection of the oceans

The protection of the ocean is a topic from international relevance because they play an important role in keeping the earth’s ecological balance intact. On top of that they provide food, a variety of different jobs of all kind for us. And they are home to a ton of rare animals and plants. So to protect them, the politicians of the world agreed to some measures to protect the ocean. They plan to create protected areas in the ocean where it’s forbidden to fish or to build structures like offshore wind-parks or oil platforms. This is important to protect this ecosystem. Another measure is to reduce the amount of sewage that is pumped into the ocean and most importantly to reduce the amount of plastic in the ocean, because the plastic is a serious threat to the environment ,the animals of the ocean which we eat and, therefore it is also life-threatening to us humans. Another way that they presented is to make the fishing industry more friendly for the animals. That means they allow fishing but only when they are in the range of certain fishing quotas, if they aren’t they, lose their fishing license. And obviously reduce the CO2 emissions, so the rising of the see level can be stopped.

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