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Illegal fishery products and their consequences

Illegal fishery has been around since over 40.000 years, but what exactly counts as illegal fishery, what can happen because of it and what methods do we use to try and prevent it?
Illegal fishing counts as fishing against the laws and regulations concerning fishing activities, whether they're global, national or only regional.
Illegal fishing can be punished up to 6 years in prison.
Every fifth ocean fish is being fished illegally. This causes a lot of fish research, especially of the rather unknown species to be not researched at all, as a lot of information would be incorrect, as the caught fish often aren’t registered.
Because of the incorrect data, researchers are often unable to recognize when a species is being overfished (overfishing = a species caught so often they’re unable to fully recover), as the data tells them the species is not being overfished.
This caused every third species in 2017 to be overfished, which can be very damaging to thousands of ecosystems.
After Canadian and German researchers spectated a few species over a few months, they published the following, terrible announcement:
82% of the species were under the average niveau of maximal reproduction. This means, that more fish are being caught than reproduced.
That will have terrible long term consequences, being that the species will slowly die out, causing thousands upon thousands of ecosystems to collapse.
This will also be bad for humans, as fish is very healthy and over 17% of protein consumed by humans in the world is from fish alone.
But not only is this bad food-wise, this will also cause economic damage.
Studies have shown that 49% of imports from developing countries in 2018 were fishery products, which is more than double, considering 1978 it was only around 23%.
That means, that in the future, when the fish species slowly die out, the developing countries lose food to import, which will cause hunger and starvation.
Slowly dying fish species will also cause huge inflations, especially when there is almost no fish left, as there will be less fish overall.
Countries that are dependent on food will also be at a huge problem, as countries like Norway export a lot of fish.
If fish will be continued to be fished illegally, we are going to have dire consequences, as listed as above. Luckily, multiple countries continue to fight against illegal fishing, developing new techniques each year.

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