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Oil platform in the North Sea

Oil platforms always were a great way to get oil needed in the daily life. They come in different styles but they have one thing in common, they are build to get crude oil and natural gas. Thousands oil platforms exist around the world. The oil platforms produced a lot of the crude oil and natural gas used for heating, energy generation and more. One third of the used crude oil and natural gas comes from the oil platforms.
The North Sea
In the North Sea are about 500 oil platforms. They were shut down one after another because the supplies of crude oil and natural gas are exhausted but because they are a great income for oil the shutdown influences the economy. Now because of the Ukraine war Germany thinks about to demand oil to make them independent of Russia and their oil. Not only the independency but also the high oil and gas prices are important for this thought. Without the oil and gas from Russia and the oil platforms the prices for oil and gas keep getting higher because they are inported from all over the world. It is possible that soon the oil plantations that are shut down are used used again.

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