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Using the Ocean without damage?

Us humans use quite a lot of resources that come from the ocean or just waters in general but does that effect the underwater world? The answer is definitely yes!
During only one year around 32 to 50 billion tons of sand and gravel get dismantled for the production of cement. This process causes a destruction for soil habitats and their biodiversity. The excess material of the seabed removal is tipped back into the sea where it showers the stone reefs. The World Wide Fund for Nature also known as WWF complained that this whole process should be stopped in marine protected areas. Pollution and illegal and unsustainable fishing obviously cause destruction of habitats as well. Because of this the stocks of many species of marine animals dramatically reduced. Matter of fact we should all try to safe our oceans from this torture. Here are some easy ways to do so:
- keep plastic away from the oceans
- sustainable tourism companies
- responsible seafood choices
- recycle properly
- participate in a Beach or River Cleanup
- Spread The Word!

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